A Little Update, Fall 2018

I figure I need to start using this thing a bit more regularly. So here’s what’s going on, professionally at least. I’ve finished a new novel. I can’t say much, but it’s a standalone, still in the entertainment world. Another funny, scandalous love story. It’s out with my agent at the moment, and hopefully, I’ll have more news on that one soon. I’m also about sixty per cent of the way through another book, also a novel. Can’t talk about this one yet though. It’ll be done in the next couple weeks, and then I can get it into shape for other people’s eyes and it can get out into the world.

Personally, I’m taking my time to grieve and laying low. Most of my time is spent with my dogs and birds at home. My old dog Jack is not doing super well, but he’s nearly sixteen and every day is a gift. Our parrot, ChapulĂ­n, is an amusing distraction. She insists on sitting on me or my desk while I write. She’s chewing on my thumb as I attempt to type this.

I wanted to thank everyone who reached out with kind words about my mum. It was lovely to feel that the internet, currently a bastion of division and weirdness, can still be used for kindness and community.

And now, it’s back to this draft and another world full of lovable kooks.


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